Top 5 Latest Technology Trends In India

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  • Overview
  • Web Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Block-Chain Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Gaming
  • Conclusion


The introduction of AI, machine learning, IoT, and block-chain by India are significant-tech trends observed worldwide.

With the introduction of AI, machine learning, IoT, and block-chain, India has adopted a number of the significant-tech trends being observed worldwide.

Such trends have improved the functioning of  corporation and  firm’s end-product users.

With the upcoming trends, many companies like Freelancer, Appfutura, Jampp & Trademob have observed & made use of the many such opportunities for the export of IT services from India.

The art of tech engineering never fails and is during a continuous learning process, building higher & better technology for the state .

The Latest Five Trending Technologies In India are as follows :

  1. Web Technology
  2. Information Technology
  3. Block-Chain Technology
  4. Food Technology
  5. Gaming


As per the  survey regulated in 2018, over 71% of professional developers use JavaScript as their programming language .

Vue.js is a perfect option for  creating lightweight and easy-to-fix apps.

This is not difficult to overcome , unlike SQL which involves a couple of blocks above it in difficulty level that always leads individuals to research & inquire on SQL interview inquiries to land them employment as a Structured command language developer.

The majority of the newest trending JavaScript developments like ReactJS, AngularJS, and GraphQL have given rise to new job opportunities within the tech field and lots of job seekers are yearning to grab these opportunities.

Many professional developers have advised such seekers to specialize in preparing for his or her dream job by utmost diligence & research to crack interviews by practicing & preparing for jQuery interview questions, C++ interview questions, Python interview questions & more .


Information technology (IT) is that the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data or information.

An information technology system is usually a data and communications system including all hardware, software and peripheral equipment.

Computers are used to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data/information.

Several products & services are processed and made within the IT sector, making it one among the foremost massive grossing industry’s highest-ever revenue at $ 181 billion.

Information Technology in India includes two latest trends, they are as follows :


The mobile tech is developing and becoming one among the foremost accessible global tech ecosystems. Today, we’ve access to apps to make houses within the augmented reality & apps to create apps using the app name generator.

Mobile App Development has witnessed its rise back from being introduced for the primary time back in 2007 to today.

The top-notch trending technologies in mobile application fields are :

a.Progressive Web Apps

The web apps that deliver an equivalent accuracy without  installing the app are known as Progressive web apps.

The function of this app is efficiently even on a low-speed network & also run without the web once installed on the house screen of the browser.

Many e-commerce giants like Flip kart & Amazon have mastered and blended this unique PWA style on their websites.

b.Android Instant Apps

Progressive Web Apps are usually adopted by companies offering to look at their products & services online, majorly e-commerce firms. within the same way, Android Instant Apps are adopted by usually by the gaming companies that allow their users to experience a gist of their app by providing them with a moment demo version of their mobile game.

2.Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the most innovative and interactive technology.

Various Applications have collaborated with AI & integrated trending tech in their interface.

Developers are ready to pile up , enabling a sensible augmented reality to use apps recognize & visualize things through the phone’s camera.


Block-chain technology  is a structure that stores transactional records in several databases.

India has been adapting the technology to become the powerhouse of block-chain operations.

Block-chain tech has appropriated the planet like wildfire. Institutes & organizations, starting from banking to cyber-security, decide to adopt block-chain due to its distributed ledger tech that guarantees enhanced security, improved and greater transparency with increased efficiency and reduced costs.

The upcoming latest trends in block-chain technology are:

  1. Block-Chain Acceptance
  2. Bitcoin Non-Acceptance
  3. Crypto-Currency


Food Technology has transformed the way of watching food forever.

Startup stories of the food sector in India shows evolving food-tech trends.

Zomato is one among the primary food ordering app ever launched in India.

Swiggy, on the opposite hand, was launched back in 2014 & has made significant progress while having a longtime marketplace from its competition Zomato.

However, with speeding tech advancements, such food startup has been ready to capture their consumer base by using AI to mine & track the info for food trends, and consumers.


The gaming industry has been revolutionizing its user  by introducing and integrating the newest and trending technology.

These latest technologies are guaranteeing an undefined, realistic, and immersive gaming experience.

The augmented reality, computer game & AI has enabled gaming companies to introduce games with 100% player interaction via hand gestures and body movements. The hyper-realistic graphics & directional sound interacts with the player, making him the middle of the game.


The facility of technology never fails and it is in a continuous learning process for building higher & better technology.

The emerging changes in technologies might  seem evasive & transitory, but the truth is that it forms an integral a part of the business.



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