The Outlook of COVID Vaccination Drive In India

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With the entire number of Covid-19 cases rising at a record pace in India, the govt has allowed everyone above the age of 18 years to be eligible to urge vaccinated from May .

The Covid-19 outrage in India continues to disintegrate amidst the second wave of coronavirus infections.

For the past few days, the country has been reporting more than two lakh cases and over 1000 deaths on a day to day basis.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called a gathering with vaccine manufacturers today, press agency PTI reported.

The organized meeting with vaccine manufacturers will pursue considerations by the prime minister with the country’s prime doctors and representatives of the medical industry.

Vaccines Arriving In India

Till date, two vaccines COVISHIELD by Serum Institute and COVAXIN by Bharat Biotech are the vaccines which are in the driver’s seat in India.

Meanwhile the 3rd vaccine has been approved by the Indian drug regulator, namely Sputnik V from Russia is to be imported and sold in India by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories.

Other vaccines available worldwide are expected to be imported soon in India, which includes Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.


On Monday, the govt announced that everybody above the age of 18 are going to be eligible to urge vaccinated against COVID-19 within the vaccination drive beginning May Day .

Many imperative opinions were taken during a meeting held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding pricing, acquisition, eligibility and organization of vaccines being made available in Phase 3 of the world’s biggest vaccination drive.

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