History Of Medieval India

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Points to be discussed

  • Early Medieval Period
  • Late Medieval Period
  • Palas
  • Senas
  • Pratihara
  • Rashtrakutas
  • Vijayanagar Empire
  • Bhakti Movement

Early Medieval Period

The ‘early medieval era’ lasted from the 6th to the 13th century.

The beginning  is usually taken to be the slow collapse of the Gupta Empire from about 480 to 550, ending the “classical” period and also the “ancient India”,

Late Medieval Period

Following the Muslim conquests of the Indian subcontinent and therefore the decline of Buddhism were seen to be taken place.

Eventually the Delhi Sultanate and creating of the Indo-Islamic architecture, followed by the world’s major trading nation Bengal Sultanate.

The ‘Late Medieval Era’ had lasted from the 13th to the 16th century, ending with the beginning of the Mughal Empire in 1526.

The Palas

Between 8th and 10th centuries A.D., variety of powerful empires dominated the eastern and northern parts of India.

Dharmapala – the king of Pala, successor of Gopala reigned from the late 8th century A.D. to early 9th century A.D.

The Palas followed Buddhism

Under Pala encouragement a particular school of art arose out of which many outstanding sculptures in stone and metal survive.

The Senas

The founding father of the dynasty was Samantasena.

The greatest ruler of the dynasty was Vijaysena.

They reigned peacefully but kept his dominions intact.

Vijaysena was an excellent scholar and wrote four works including one on astronomy.

The last ruler Lakshamanasena under which the reign of Muslims invaded Bengal, and therefore the empire fell.

The Pratiharas

The Pratiharas were the foremost important dynasty of medieval northern India, and their disappearance marked a stage within the political decline that accompanied the Muslim conquest.

Mihir Bhoja was the superior ruler of this dynasty.

The Rashtrakutas

The Rashtrakutas dynasty from Karnataka were illustrious for many reasons.

They ruled the territory wider than that of the other dynasty.

Vijayanagar Empire

Krishnadeva Raya was the most popular ruler of Vijayanagar empire.

The Vijayanagar kingdom reached the different heights during his reign.

He overpowered the king of Odisha and took over Vijaywada and Rajmahendri.

The decline of this kingdom commenced with the death of Krishnadeva Raya and the dominion came to an end in 1565.

The Bhakti Movement

A revolutionary landmark in the cultural history of medieval India was referred to as the Bhakti Movement.

This movement was liable for many rites and rituals related to the worship of God by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs of Indian subcontinent.

Shankaracharya was the leader of this hindu revolutionary movement.

And this movement was propounded by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Namadeva, Tukaram, Jayadeva.

The movement’s major achievement was its eradication of idolatry.

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