Himalayan Rivers

Himalayan Rivers | September 2020 | Loyal Indian

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Points To Be Discussed

  • Overview
  • Five Sisters
  • The Ganges
  • The Indus
  • The Bhramaputra


The Himalayan Rivers have their origin from the Himalayan mountain ranges.

They receive water from the melting snow of the glaciers as well as from the rains.

The Three main Himalayan Rivers are:

  1.  Ganga
  2.  Indus
  3. Brahmaputra

Some of the other famous rivers of the world which originate in Himalayas are as follows:

  1. Yangtze
  2. Salween
  3. Mekong
  4. Xunjiang Red (Asia)
  5.  Irrawaddy River (Chao Phraya)
  6. Syr Darya ( Amu Darya)
  7. Tarim
  8. Yellow

These rivers travel miles before emptying into the sea.

These rivers are active and keep flowing throughout the year.

They have larger basins and catchment areas. These rivers when they meet with sea form large deltas.

The total area of the Himalayan Rivers houses is around 3 billion people.

Himalayan rivers are prominent tourists attraction round the year.

The mountain range covers approximately 15,000 glaciers, which function as the storehouse of approximately 12,000 km3 of freshwater.

Deodar, Pine, Oak, Fir, Birch, and Rhododendron are the types forest found on the bank of Himalayan rivers.

Five Sisters

Jhelum, Chenab, Beas, Ravi, and Sutlej are considered to be the five sisters.

Before division of India and Pakistan, the system of these rivers were one of the most spectacular aspect of the Indian subcontinent.

However these rivers still display enthusiasm through the Himalayas to form some of the most picturesque backdrop to be witnessed anywhere in the world.


The Ganges

Himalayan Rivers | September 2020 | Loyal Indian

Ganga River is 2700 km long originating from Gangotri glacier of western Himalayas in Uttarakhand state.

It flows through the Gangetic Plan of India and Bangladesh but eventually empties in the Bay of Bengal.

The upper phase commences at the confluence of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda having its origin in Devprayag town (Garhwal Division, Uttarakhand)

Six headstreams of the river are

i. Alaknanda
ii. Dhauliganga
iii. Nandakini
iv. Pindar
v. Mandakini
vi. Bhagirathi

This River is considered to be the most sacred river in Hinduism as Goddess Ganga.

The Indus

Himalayan Rivers | September 2020 | Loyal Indian

Indus River with a length of 3180 km is considered to be one of the longest river in Asia having its origin from the Tibetan plateau and flows through China, India and Pakistan.

Indus River has five major tributaries :

i. Jhelum
ii. Chenab
iii. Beas
iv. Ravi
v. Sutlej

The principal tributaries of the river are:

i. The Shyok
ii. The Gilgit
iii. The Kabul
iv. The Gomal
v. The Kurram

This river eventually empties in the Arabian Sea.

It flows from north to northwest amid the high Ladakh mountain range to the north and the Zanskar Range towards the south.

The Brahmaputra

Himalayan Rivers | September 2020 | Loyal Indian

Brahmaputra River originates in the Mansarovar lake region near Mount Kailash.

The length is 4696 km long, it drains towards east of Himalya and Indo-Nepal border.

Left and Right tributaries include Nhasa, Nyang, Parlung Zangbo, Lohit, Dhansiri, Kolong rivers, Kameng, Manas, Beki, Raidak, Jaldhaka, Teesta, Subansiri.


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