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Points To Be Discussed

  • Overview
  • What is Blockchain Technology
  • Attributes of Blockchain Technology
  • Uses Of Blockchain Technology
  • Advantages Of Blockchain
  • Disadvantages Of Blockchain
  • Top Blockchain Technology Companies
  • Future Scope of Blockchain
  • Conclusion


Ever thought about whether there’s a simpler method to finish exchanges without managing on the web wallets banks and outsider applications well it’s conceivable gratitude to blockchain technology.

Lets go through to the in depth analysis of what exactly Blockchain Technology.

What is Blockchain Technology ?

Blockchain seems to be difficult, and unquestionably it can be, yet its center idea is actually very basic.

A blockchain is a kind of data base.

A database is an assortment of data that is put away digitally into a PC framework.

Spreadsheets are for one person, or for a small group of individuals, to store and access limited amounts of information.

Conversely, a database is designed significantly so that larger amounts of information can be accessed, filtered, and manipulated quickly and easily by infinite number of users at once.

These workers can some of the time be fabricated utilizing hundreds or thousands of PCs to have the computational force and capacity limit essential for some clients to get to the data set all the while.

While a bookkeeping page or data set might be open to quite a few people, it is regularly possessed by a business and overseen by a delegated person.

Attributes of Blockchain Technology


In a decentralization, the data isn’t put away by one single substance. Truth be told, everybody in the organization possesses the data.

In a decentralized organization, in the event that you needed to connect with your companion, at that point you can do so straightforwardly without experiencing an outsider.

That was the fundamental philosophy behind Bitcoins.

Here only you are accountable for your transaction.

Transaction can be done without experiencing a bank.


As a result of the decentralized idea of Bitcoin’s blockchain, everything exchanges can be straightforwardly seen.

Either by having an individual hub or by utilizing blockchain voyagers that permit anybody to see exchanges happening live.


Immutability, with regards to the blockchain, implies that whenever something has been gone into the blockchain, it can’t be altered.

Uses Of Blockchain Technology

  1. Banking and Finance
  2. Currency
  3. Healthcare
  4. Records of Property
  5. Smart Contracts
  6. Supply Chain
  7. Voting

Advantages Of Blockchain Technology

  1. Improved precision by eliminating human association in check
  2. Cost decreases by dispensing with outsider confirmation
  3. Decentralization makes it harder to mess with
  4. Exchanges are secure, private, and proficient
  5. Straightforward innovation
  6. Gives a financial other option and approach to protect individual data.

Disadvantages Of Blockchain Technology

  1. Huge innovation cost related with mining bitcoin
  2. Low exchanges every second
  3. History of utilization in illegal exercises
  4. Guideline

Top Companies Providing Blockchain Technology

  1. Leeway Hertz
  2. Consensys
  3. Blockchain Intelligence Group
  4. Blockchangers
  5. Somish
  6.  ChromaWay
  7. Intellectsoft
  8. Altoros
  9. Deqode
  10.  Primechain

Future Scope Of Blockchain Technology

First proposed as an exploration project in 1991, blockchain is easily subsiding into its late twenties.

With numerous innovation previously being executed and investigated, blockchain is at last becoming well known.

As a trendy expression  of each speculator in the country, blockchain stands to make business and government tasks more  productive, secure, and modest with less agents.


Definitely, Blockchain innovation’s advantages will before long pull in organizations and associations around the globe to contribute more.

It is as yet in its beginning stage however this, one of the most up to date advancements will set aside somewhat more effort to acquire footing and will require tolerance.

In any case, the geniuses of Blockchain are difficult to disregard, yet the innovation will in fact help different businesses.

The check for each piece of information that goes in and through these Blockchain frameworks will be a preventer of numerous afflictions.

I hope you found this post “Blockchain Technlogy “.


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