Artificial Intelligence : A Revolution In Technology

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Points To Be Discussed

  • Overview.
  • What is Artificial Intelligence ?
  • Future Scope.
  • Industrial Revolution Caused By Artificial Intelligence.
  • Impacts Of AI
  • Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages Of AI Technology.
  • Applications.
  • Companies Working On Artificial Intelligence.
  • Conclusion.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that the branch of computer sciences that emphasizes the event of intelligence machines, thinking and dealing like humans.

However it also refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

In other words, the term can also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits related to a person’s mind like learning and problem-solving.

The ideal characteristic of AI is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the simplest chance of achieving a selected goal.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

The abstract and evolution of computer systems ready to execute tasks usually necessitating human intelligence, like speech recognition, face recognition, decision-making, and lots of more.

In simple words, AI is nothing but teaching a machine to think and learn to perform a selected task assigned there too.

Although AI is yet in its infancy, it’s prevalence are often seen in our lifestyle like google homes, Alexa, Siri, Android Television and lots of more.

Future Scope

Artificial Intelligence has acquired massive urge within the technological field which is why many are meaning to pursue a career in AI .

No matter the immense demand for AI , universities did not update their curriculum to suit the requirements of learners.

Rather it’s on the brink of being impossible to seek out a university that gives a serious in AI and machine learning course.

Hence, people are turning towards institutions that provide the simplest AI and machine learning course online and offline.

Certainly, these institutions are paving a path by offering courses in AI . Yet, most institutions lack accreditation which degrades the worth of the applied AI courses.

Experts are anticipating a paradigm shift within the job’s perspective as a results of AI .

It will become inevitable for IT professionals to review AI .

Many have already started pursuing this by attending AI and machine learning classes.

The jobs supported AI has now attained unusual demand. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are the subsets of applied AI.

Industrial Revolution Caused By Artificial Intelligence

The industrial revolution reoriented the dynamics of production.

Although machinery replaced manual labor , machines were designed and operated by humans.

Through the Economic Revolution, humanity has achieved a considerable amount of progress.

Yet, it had been just the start of the Technology era.

What might be more powerful than Machines that were developed and controlled by humans?.

Wouldn’t it’s quite achievement to show machines to develop logical ability?.

This may eventually enable machines to think like humans.

AI has the potential of making new industries that provides out the simplest results than ever before

We have already witnessed the outstanding potential of machines that perform repeatedly better than a human.

For instance , a machine can lift tons of weight during a minute interval which is unfathomable for a person’s to perform an equivalent .

Likewise, if machines are learnt to think and act like humans do the results would definitely be outstanding.

Impacts Of AI

One of the main impacts of AI is replacing the utmost number of jobs with machines.

AI features a huge impact on Technology-based job and will create a revolution by eliminating many conventional jobs.

However, AI has already invaded a couple of job roles.

As an example , a customer service executive has been replaced by a Chatbots which is well trained to deal with issues raised by the customer.

Unlike humans the strength of a machine is usually unlimited.

Machines are extremely capable to derive the  solutions for several problems which humans can’t solve easily.

AI also makes the longer term unstable.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

The benefits of artificial intelligence which are helpful to reshape the world are as follows :

  1. Automation
  2. Smart Decision Making
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience
  4. Medical Advances
  5. Research And Data Analysis
  6. Solving Of Complex Problems
  7. Business Continuity
  8. Managing Repetitive Tasks
  9. Minimizing Errors
  10. Increased Business Efficiency

There are more benefits of AI that span from space exploration to advancements in defense systems and more.

The technology is evolving steadily, and it’s the potential to be more intelligent than ever.

While there’s no sure-fire way of predicting the longer term of AI.

It will certainly continue to benefit businesses and end-users in their everyday lives.

Advantages Of AI Technology

AI can combat stressful and sophisticated work that humans may struggle/can not do.

Can also complete task faster than a person’s can presumably.

They are preferably used to discover unexplored things. i.e. space.

Less errors and defects.

Function is infinite.

Disadvantages Of AI Technology

It lacks the “human touch”.

AI has the power to exchange human jobs.

Can malfunction and do the other of what they’re programmed to try to to .

Can be misused resulting in mass scale destruction.

The influence of AI may corrupt younger generation.



By integrating AI with the services provided by satellites, it’s become easier to farm swiftly than ever before.

Amazon – The World’s First Completely AI enabled supermarket with no cashiers.

Although the stores aren’t widespread across the US, they’re going to soon be available in remainder of the planet .

This may make the profession of cashier neglected.

It’s no surprise that other businesses will adopt this model to scale back the value of labor.

Many startups are performing on integrating AI into the development industry.

Several companies possess beta versions of those machines in situ .

US Department of Defense has already started building its facilities with these AI integrated machines.

It is possible to make machines that are ready to build other machines. this may be an element of your time and finances.

AI has already appropriated the financial sector for auditing financial transactions.

This helps to stop fraudulent activities and promote time saving, cost — cutting and lots of more enthusiastic benefits to the banking sector.

These industries include travel agencies, stock exchange , telemarketing, taxing, printing and publishing and lots of more.

6. Medical And Health-Care Sector

Healthcare and medical are also front runners particularly in automation, machine learning, and AI , doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and industries which ties to healthcare.

AI can help change the future of medical research with managing medical records, digital consultation, virtual nurses, creating drugs, healthcare monitoring and analysis.

Companies Working On Artificial Intelligence

Every tech company ranging from Google and Amazon to Apple and Microsoft are working on artificial intelligence.

The Top companies in world working on AI are as follows :

1. Amazon
2. GraphCore
4. Facebook
5. Nvidia
6. HiSilicon
7. Syntiant
8. SoftServe
9. Intel
10. Kasisto
11. Tempus
12. Ascent
13. Tesla
14. Grammarly
15. CloudMinds

There are many other companies other than this working on artificial intelligence.


The technology enables personalized  services and offers real-time recommendations and service requests management.

Hence AI is functioning far beyond our imagination and it is considered to be a breakthrough that everyone is eagerly waiting for.

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