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Points To Be Discussed

  • Overview
  • The Top 10 Advancement Of Medical Research In India
  • Magni-visualizer
  • True Nat Rif
  • Development of PCG for workers
  • Nano Particle Based Diagnostic Kit
  • Polypill for Heart
  • Discovery of STIL Gene
  • Diabetic Surgery
  • Cyberknife Technology
  • Use of Glue in Eye Surgery
  • Conclusion


India’s booming contribution in medical research has been dramatic since last few years.
The initiative taken by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to commence various branches and institutions in the medical research sector has bought notable contribution.
With the advancement of technology the medical research sector has remarkably produced favorable products that would be beneficial worldwide.

The Top 10 Advancement In Medical Research Of India 

  • Magni-visualizer
  • True Nat Rif
  • Development of PCG for workers
  • Nano Particle Based Diagnostic Kit
  • Polypill for Heart
  • Discovery of STIL Gene
  • Diabetic Surgery
  • Cyberknife Technology
  • Use of Glue in Eye Surgery


The researchers from the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research developed Magni-visualizer.
This is an excellent boon to the people affected by cervical cancer.
Magni-visualizer may be a hand-held device that permits you with an choice to capture a digitized image which may help within the detection of  cervical lesions.

True Nat Rif

The True Nat Rif Test is invented by the Indian firm MoI Bio Diagnostics Private Ltd Goa.

It is employed to cure TB and to stop the rifampicin drug.

The performance of True Nat MTB, MTB Plus and MTB-RIF Dx  shows comparable accuracy to the Xpert MTB/RIF.

The True Nat MTB and MTB Plus assays also show comparable accuracy to the TB-LAMP assay as replacement tests for lower respiratory tract smear microscopy.

0.5 ml of sputum is required by the device to compare to the demand of 1 ml from other prior devices developed outside of India.

The device is one among the prime examples which will show the event of medical research in India.

Development of PCG for workers

The researchers at National Institute of Occupational Health in Ahmedabad developed Personal Cooling Garment (PCG) .

This cooling garment is meant keeping in mind the high amount of warmth which affects the workers and manual labors who add the tarring of roads in broad sunlight.

PCG also can be very beneficial to people that add industries with higher heat emission which frequently takes a toll on their overall health and well-being. the merchandise is already approved and can be in production soon.


This advancement may be a non-invasive and non-hormonal male contraceptive that thus far is that the best choice available for solving the issues of accidental conception thanks to the shortage of non-hormonal male contraceptives.

There are many contraceptives available for men but none of them is coming without a barrage of side effects.

Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance  as of now’s the primary successful intra-vasal male contraception available within the marketplace for males who are trying to find non-hormonal contraceptive methods.

Nano Particle Based Diagnostic Kit

Nano-particle-based diagnostic kit for identifying diseases like Von-Willebrand Disease(VWD) is discovered by the National Institute of Immunohematology, Mumbai.

This achievement is especially great due to the very fact that there’s no other rapid test kit available for the diagnosis of the many of the prevalent bleeding disorders.

Poly-pill for Heart

In a combined project by the St. John’s Medical College in Bangalore and therefore the Mc Master University of Canada, researchers were ready to develop a five in one pill which will treat multiple heart problems.

This one among a sort pill is extremely helpful in preventing chronic heart conditions that claim thousands of lives from round the world.

Discovery of STIL Gene

Microcephaly disorder may be a serious genetic condition that causes the event of a shrunk brain size and inevitably causes retardation .

It took scientists from India including a scholar from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and a psychiatrist from the National Institute of psychological state and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) nine years of research to seek out one among the first genes behind this genetic disease .

Medically referred to as STIL, the invention of this gene is one among the  achievements attained by the medical research sector of India.

Diabetic Surgery

Surgery for diabetes could seem like an absurd idea for several .

This simple surgery will enable the assembly of insulin within the presence of undigested food, which may be a boon to patients that suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Cyber-knife Technology

In a stimulating turn of events, researchers were ready to find the link between the HPV virus and cervical cancer.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences center’s round the country were ready to pinpoint a number of the main viruses from the HPV class that are potentially causing cervical cancer.

In reference to the study, Apollo hospital’s R&D department was ready to come up with a replacement technology which will precisely radiate the  cells within the uterus with minimal damage to the healthy cells.

Use of Glue in Eye Surgery

Another medical achievement from India was the implementation of glue based surgery to form eye surgery more efficient.

In 2007,  this  discovery proved beneficial for the patient who was affected by a missing lens capsule.

Earlier performing surgery on patients affected by this condition was on the brink of impossible and with this new technology.

Indian researchers have again proved that they will deliver life-saving medical technology to the planet .


The above advancement of India in medical research shows tremendous progress that would help the medical community worldwide.

Lack funding is one of the major cause behind the slow progress of India in Medical Research.


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